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Welcome To BPC: BalnazzarPvP is a place where all of the alliance on Balnazzar can come to share information, advice, builds, etc.

It is a community within a community. A select few of people on Balnazzar like to PvP. Even fewer are good at it. Most are scattered across many different guilds with little contact between each other. Some of you haven't been given the chance to shine. There have been a few unknowns who, when given the opportunity, blew away the competition. That is why you are here. Whether you are a seasoned PvP veteran or looking for your shot to hit the high ranks in arenas; you are all Welcome. Learn from one another and don't be afraid to ask for help.

This Site will be updated with information regarding the organization of BG premades and the formation of new arena teams. There will be multiple ways for all of you to contact each other. In-game mail, whispers, the Channel (See below for more details on the channel), and now this site.

The In-Game channel is BalnazzarPvP (/Join BalnazzarPvP) If you are interested in PvP whether hardcore or as a side attraction use this channel to keep in contact with other PvP'ers just like you. You can ask for help or advice with your spec, glyphs, and what to do when you are fighting a hard opponent. Note that it may be beneficial to change the channel text color to something more noticeable. Personally I chose baby blue. Slightly off of the party chat color.

Also, I must ask that you try and be respectful to those in the channel. If you think you are better than others then try to help them. There is no point in deliberately trying to make people look bad when they are trying to be just like you. And who knows, maybe they have what it takes to roll with you in arenas. You have to first give them a shot and help them along the way. Hopefully we can become a big group of friends through this.

I can't promise on a ventrilo server any time soon. So in the mean time, we'll have to use our guilds vent.

Use: You don't have to just be a hardcore PvP to be a member. If fact, you don't have to be a member at all to use this channel. Are you getting ganked while questing or doing dailies? hop on the channel and see if someone is willing head over to you or is already nearby to have them take care of your problem. There are many uses for the channel and don't feel shy about dropping by just to say Hi!

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Welcome connected realm players

Timmage, Sep 9, 13 11:13 PM.
You are all more than welcome to get in touch with us! Let's make some rbg teams.

Rated Battlegrounds on

Timmage, Oct 23, 12 8:56 PM.
come join me, I will be doing these every Monday.


Timmage, Aug 12, 12 8:51 PM.
We did not do well in our last Gamon raid, but I hope we can do better next time.  Our tank getting shot down in front of the bank did not help. If anyone here is interested in helping let me know.  We will set up a time and get him down!

Overtime anda nasty cold

Timmage, Jul 5, 12 7:46 PM.
Sorry that I've not been available very often.  I have had an awful cold that I have not been able to shake, on top of that I have been on overtime at work.  If anyone is around to help post and lead events please do so!  I will admin anyone that wants to contribute in a meaningful way.

Free Honor is recruiting

nickgold41, Jul 5, 12 7:43 PM.
Free honor is recruiting all classes and ranks for pvp. We need players now to fill out a rated bg team. We are also looking for recruits to level up and pvp with us in m.o.p
Message me or anyone in the guild. Most of us can invite.
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